Improve Dating Life 5 Ways Dancing Makes You Better At Dating


5 Ways Dancing Makes You Better at Dating

There’s a lot about dancing that makes you good at dating. Next time you take the floor, feel good about your rhythm because it serves you well. Read it here.

Loving music and dancing to it are two different things, and kids have a good handle on both.

When a song they like comes on the radio, children innately know how to dance to it. Their fingers start twitching, legs feel light as a feather, and before you know it, they’re dancing to their heart’s delight without feeling self-conscious.

Most adults have lost that feel for freestyle dancing. But if you still have the touch, then kudos to you!

You have a rare skill, and you’re also doing your dating life a huge favor!

If that got your attention, then you will definitely want to read on. Learn why having a good sense of rhythm and fluid movements on the dance floor can lead to a better dating life.

Learning How To Dance Can Be A Huge Confidence Booster

Busting out moves requires confidence. But did you know dancing can also boost your confidence?

Not a lot of people dance because it’s intimidating. After all, nobody wants to trip over their own toes and embarrass themselves. But as you pick up on the moves through dedicated practice, the intimidation will melt away and you may even be tempted to improvise dance moves on your own.

And when you finally stitch the intricate moves together and dance without any misstep or tripping, you can only feel awesome about yourself. All of a sudden, the dance floor looks like a playground!

Not only that, you’re also making split-second decisions when you’re dancing, and there’s no room for hesitation (or you’ll look awkward).

The very act of dancing will teach you to be assertive, and that’s a quality you will want to spill on other aspects of your life.

It Makes You Look Better

Dancing is primarily a form of self-expression.

However, dancing is also a great workout. Not only does it engage all major muscles including those you’d miss in gym sessions, it also improves one’s flexibility, balance, and posture.

Let’s take the Argentinian tango for starters. It’s a great dance for improving balance thanks to its leg kicks, swift torso rotations, and twists. The twerking moves usually seen at Caribbean parties and events, on the other hand, give the hip, lower back, and even abdominal muscles a thorough exercise.

And if you’re overweight, dancing can be a fun way to drop those excess pounds. An hour aerobic dancing – including the sweaty weekend dance parties – can burn up to 443 calories!

Knowing How To Dance Makes You Interesting

Dancing With The Stars, The Next Step, America’s Best Dance Crew…the list of dance TV shows is long and for good reason. Because people who dance are interesting!

Not everyone knows how to move to the beat and have a good time. If you know how to dance, you have an interesting and entertaining skill most adults can only dream of – and that’s attractive!

And if you get good enough to teach others how to dance? Now that’s even better! Everyone wants to learn new and sexy skills like dancing, making you even more interesting and cooler.

Last but not the least, teaching your date how to dance is always a great excuse to get touchy and physically close with each other. Who knows what it could lead to?

It Brightens Your Mood And Makes You Happier

Everything’s going wrong.

You just had a 60-hour work week and find the negative people at the office unbearable. You’re sleep deprived, and as if that’s not enough, you had a heated argument with your closest friend.

Your mood is terrible and your emotional state is rock-bottom. And who would want to date someone who’s grumpy and extremely stressed?

Fortunately, there’s a fun and easy fix: just dance!

Yes, dancing doesn’t just boost your confidence and looks. It also makes you happier.

Think about it:

Have you seen a sulky festival-goer at the Miami Broward Carnival or the Soca Festival? Neither have I. And that’s because dancing prompts the brain to release neurotransmitters like endorphin, serotonin, and norepinephrine, brain chemicals that lift one’s mood and promote happiness.

Even better, a study by the University of London found that people who took modern-dance classes reduced their anxiety levels more than those who took exercise, music, and math classes.

“You can change your internal state through external movement,” says New York University dance professor and therapist Miriam Berger.

So let loose and dance when you’re feeling sullen and bad-tempered. It’s a proven way to brighten up your mood, which other people will surely notice and find attractive.

Last But Not The Least, Dancing Makes You A Better Lover

Dancing teaches you a lot of things: a sense of rhythm, how to lose your inhibitions, and how to be playful. All of which are essential to great sex.

Saying that your dancing skills are indicative of your bedroom skills isn’t too far fetched.

Matter of fact, some women will try to get a man to the dance floor to examine his technique before “taking the plunge” in the bedroom.

A survey showed a man’s dance moves provides vital clues to his sexual performance. The survey, which involved 2000 women, saw 80% of the participants agree that men who know how to handle themselves on the dance floor have more than a few bedroom tricks.

The high-energy guys are likely to be energetic in sex but lack imagination. Over-the-top dancers, on the other hand, will spend more time trying to look good instead of satisfying their partner. And blokes who shuffle from one side to another are uninspiring.

But men who are relaxed and rhythmic in their dance are just as skillful in the sack!

Dance Your Way To A Better Dating Life

And there you have it!

We’ve just covered five tried, tested, and proven ways to dance your way to a better dating life: from boosting your confidence, improving your looks, making you more interesting, boosts your mood, to upgrading your bedroom skills.

What’s not to like!?

If you’ve had a sizzling encounter or an awesome date that started with dancing, please share your experience. We’d love to hear about it!

And for the people who are too shy to jiggle to the beat or bust out their moves, what’s stopping you?


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