Top 10 Free Online Dating Websites

free online dating websites

There are lots of free online date websites that offer invaluable services to people in order to find love; here is the list of the top 10 of these sites.

1. (plenty of fish) free online dating websites

POF is one of the biggest free online dating websites in the world in terms of number of users and popularity. Its over 100 million users are from Brazil, Ireland, USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Despite being free, it gives users the best platform to find love and meet various serious minded people who they can possibly date.

2.–Free online dating websites

Though okcupid has paid users, the free users equally get almost every feature that can allow them to successfully find love through the website. With personality questions answered by the users, okcupid finds the best match for each person making love finding easier and more comfortable.


While love knows no boundary, Christian mingle knows that there are certain people that are looking for love among only Christians. Being one of the religions with the large number of followers makes it easy for Christians to have large array of people to pick from.


This free online dating website is for helping people reconnect with their old school friends and then find love among them. This could be perfect for people that once had crush on a school mate, but are now ready to bring it to reality.

5. Passion network

This is a network of free online dating websites. It consists of many small dating sites to suit each person’s needs. So if you are into people that smoke or not, drinks alcohol or coffee, movies lovers, certain hobbies, professions and so on, then this is for you.


On, compatibility is emphasized when it comes to finding love. The personality questions that you answer are going to be the template of the kind of people that you are going to mingle with. People with similar and compatible traits will be hooked up with you.

7. Date fast

The name of this free online dating website says all about the site. Date Fast is all about finding someone to date as quickly as possible.

8. Social grid

People from all walks of life are present on this site with the sole reason of finding someone to date. Whatever location, social status or profession you are looking for, social grid has it.

9. Zoosk

Zoosk is equally a very good free online dating websites which incorporate videos and voice conversation into online dating to ascertain the identity of each user.

10. Taste bud

Just as in the case of Passion Network, Tastebud has a range of smaller dating sites which are designed to cater for different tastes of each user. There are other thousands of free online dating websites that offer great services to their users; some of which are streamlined websites that are tailored towards certain religion, ethnic group, skin colour, and sexual orientation. In all honesty, no one has any reason to feel left out of love because the availability of dating websites has eased the process of finding love.

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