Have fun with your Dance Partner Even If They Can’t Dance

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Was your excitement at having finally joined a dance class dampened the moment you realized you were paired with a poor dance partner? You still really want to keep the dance date going. Here’s how you can make the most out of such a situation.

Be Gracious

Do not laugh or jeer at your partner. Remember, unless you were born with Michael Jackson’s skills, you too had to learn to dance from somewhere. Be gracious to your partner, no matter how bad their dancing skills may be. In fact, you should be cheering them on because it would take a lot of courage to walk onto the dance floor knowing that he/she may not be as good as everyone else there.

Ask your dance partner what kind of experience they have had dancing. You may judge them based on their unimaginative salsa moves, but you would be surprised to know that they are pretty good at contemporary dance. Or your partner could simply be suffering from nerves and a few moves could help loosen him/her up.

If you notice that your dance partner is still struggling to keep up, or seems to be too aware of the people around, you could suggest moving to a corner of the room that offers some semblance of privacy. You may find that your partner will be more at ease learning to dance in a more secluded area.



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Use Your Skills with Dance Partner

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Do not lower your own dancing skills just to come down to your dance partner’s level. Instead, think of it as a challenge to creatively dance your way around your partner’s limited moves. Keep things interesting, and if your partner’s heart is in it, he/she will pick up a move or two from you.

Make your partner look good by using your own dance experience and skills. More often than not, an inexperienced dance partner will mimic the moves you make. So, if you find yourself paired with someone who is not that good at dancing, work with them to turn their worst moves into their best. Make them feel comfortable, and soon enough, they will lose whatever anxiety they may have and begin to genuinely enjoy themselves.

If the song is a slow song, take the lead. If it is a funkier beat then you can have fun with your partner by making him/her imitate what you are doing. Practice doing simple moves that he/she can easily follow. Adjust the moves if you notice your partner having a hard time.

Have Fun

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One of the best ways you can ease the tension in an awkward situation is by letting go and having fun. Your partner will notice that you are focusing less on their inability to dance, and will loosen up. He/she will begin to have fun with you and will likely have an open and better attitude towards learning to dance.

Maintain the same level of fun that you start out with. This will give your dance partner a boost in confidence. Make a fool out of yourself every once in a while. Show your partner that you don’t mind their subpar dancing skills.

If the song allows for it, you could use the dance as an opportunity to get to know your partner, especially if the two of you just met. Steer the conversation in a direction where they are comfortable talking about a certain aspect of their life. That way, you can ease off the focus on dancing. With the pressure gone, your partner will have a good time once he/she realizes that you are interested in more than just their dance skills.

After the dance, applaud your dance partner on a job well done. Politely point out any areas you feel they could improve on. Offer tips if you feel they could be helpful in improving their skills.


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